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Sarah Florance

Yoga teacher. Guide from the feeling.


David Victori

Film director.

Luján Comas

President of the Icloby Foundation. Director of the project on awareness in cardiac arrests in the most reputable Spanish-speaking hospitals.

Rai Crespí

Anthropologist and psychotherapist CEO EntreHomes.

Inma Nogués

Specialist in Family Medicine. She graduated in Medicine and Surgery, Master in Naturopathic Medicine and Diploma in Homeopathy.

David S. Kong

Director, Community Biotechnology Initiative, MIT Media Lab.


Verónica Devenin

PhD Environmental Sciences and Technologies; Assistant Professor EADA Business School; Member of the Board B Academics.

Susana Dakini 

Founder of Metta School. Awakening the Kundalini energy to return to the heart “Healing is touching with love what was previously touched by fear”.

Daniel Hires

Director Partnerships at Inner Development Goals.

Rodrigo Sala

Expert in Human Design and Team Configuration.

Marta Arteaga

Personalized Public Speaking Mentor, teambuilding and creativity trainer, writer and radio and TV presenter.

Carla Forns

Carla Forns

Dancer. Transformation through movement.


José Luis ‘Uli’ Escorihuela

I+D director at Fabrika, High Performance Center for Cultural Transition.

May Carro

Bachelor of Fine Arts, uses art to awaken consciousness.

Luís Gallardo

Founder and president of World Happiness Foundation and World Happiness Fest.

Eric Imbernon

Founder & Coach at Movement Spirit.

Katarina Baliova

Healer and well-being coach.


Marianella Castillo

Founder of Caraibi and active meditation facilitator

Lucía Langa

Transformational Leadership at EADA and specialized in executive coaching.

Oriol Segarra

CEO of Uriach, speaker and leadership expert.

Crisal Gonzalez

Live poet and performer.

Ferran Caudet

CEO of Economía Humana.

Paula Butragueño

Creator of PHI Method.

Antonio Jorge Larruy

Antonio Jorge Larruy

Expert in self-knowledge and meditation.

Martin Buchner

Martin buchner

Architect, Geomancer, Earth Consciousness Researcher.

Andrea Lacoste

Música electrónica consciente, Ecstatic Dance y musicoterapia.

Fabian Domenech

Profesor de Yoga 500h RYT.

Cleo Barnett

Directora de Amplifier Studios.

Sergi Rufi

PhD in Psychology, therapist and author of: “Una Psicología Real, El Arte de Ser Auténtico y Manual de Espiritualidad Rebelde”.

Adriana Bertran

Live poet, voice artist & content writer. 

Louise Kay

Lecturer and teacher of spirituality.

Leo Rastogi

Founder of Consciousness Mentoring Institute.

Tony Estruch

Author and creator of Geniotipo.

David Fernández

Designer at King, Youtuber and communicator.

The Breath Act

Conscious Breathing School.


Brian Alt

Balt Sessions Founder.

Patricia Perreau

Animal Communicator. Animal therapies.

Javier Razo

CEO & Founder of ayam and Co-Founder of Soulspring.


Teresa Oller

Promoter of Maternalmente, mindfulness for a conscious pregnancy and breeding.

Uri Imperial

Instructor of the Wim Hof Method, combining cold exposure with breathing and meditation techniques.

Andrés Martín

PhD Psychology. Author of the Best Seller “Plena mente”.

Paz Calap

Mental health, mindfulness and fulfillment coach.

Salim Ismail

Founder of OpenExO, author of Organizaciones exponenciales and X Prize board member.

Lakshmi Pratury

Founder and CEO of INK, entrepreneur, healer y speaker.


David del Rosario

Neuroscience researcher and  author of the best seller El libro que tu cerebro no quiere leer.


Tantra teacher.

Elisenda Pascual

Psychologist, writer and speaker.

Elma Roura

Tantra teacher.

Borja Vilaseca

Consciousness shaker, founder of Kuestiona and author of “Las casualidades no existen”.

Sonsoles Conde

Pharmacist, author of the book “Vitaminas para el Alma” and  heart communicator.

Óscar García

Gamification Researcher.

Dafne Schilling

Intentional movement method creator.

Pablo Flores

Therapeutic, psychologic and  evolutionary astrologer.

Natalya Berdikyanr

Coach & Founder of Life By Design Academy.

Sergi Torres

Speaker, writer and new consciousness promoter.

*Programación con aforo limitado sujeta a cambios.

Chairman, OpenExO, Author - Exponential Organizations, Board Member - X Prize.
🗨 Talk: “Elevating Consciousness in the Decade of the ExO.”
Auditorium. July 16, 16h.
🗨 Talk: “Building an Abundant Organization”
Abundance Dome. July 16, 12h.
📖 Book presentation: “Exponential Organizations: Why new organizations are ten times better, faster, and cheaper than yours”
Book Lab. July 16, 17h.

Founder of the Consciousness Mentoring Institute and co-founder of Ayam. Author, spiritual scientist and impact entrepreneur.

🗨 Talk: "Unveiling the Mysteries - Bridging Science and Spirituality"
Auditorium. July 16, 16h.
🗨 Talk: "Building an Abundant Organization"
Abundance Dome. July 16, 12h.
🗨 Talk: "To Believe or To Discover: An immersion in synthesis of Science and Spirituality"
Agora Dome. July 16, 18:45h.

Biologist, MBA and PhD in Psychology from the UAB. Founder and director of the Esmindfulness Institute (Barcelona).

🗨 Talk: "The Snow Leopard, a contemplative look at the movies."
Auditorium. July 16, 11h.
💙 Workshop: "MaternalMente, una iniciativa para una maternidad y crianza conscientes."
Agora Dome. July 16, 13:30h
🗨 Talk: "La espiritualidad en organizaciones"
Business Dome. July 15, 17:30h.

CEO d'Uriach, conferenciant i expert en lideratge.

🗨 Talk: “Humanitzant organitzacions.”
Business Dome. July 16, 13:45h.

Doctor en Psicología, terapeuta y autor de: ‘Una Psicología Real’, ‘El Arte de Ser Auténtico’ y ‘Manual de Espiritualidad Rebelde’.

🗨 Talk: "Elogio de la rareza y la aceptación"
OMG Dome. July 16, 13:30h.

Abogada y consteladora familiar. Autora del libro: Derecho sistémico, lo que no te enseñaron en la facultad.

💙 Worksho: "Abogacía consciente: Taller práctico derecho sistémico"
Business Dome. July 16, 15:45h.

Mentora de retiros espirituales, profesora de yoga, bailarina y empresaria wellness.

🪘 Movement session: "Danzar para conectar"
Movement zone. July 15, 17h.

Founder & President. World Happiness Foundation.
📖 Book presentation: "Happytalismo: un nuevo sistema para un mundo feliz"
Book Lab. July 16, 18:15h

Directora del Màster en Lideratge Transformador d'EADA.

🗨 Talk: "No som recursos, som humans: Dieta Mental Sana per a un lideratge equilibrat i sostenible."
Business Dome. July 16, 13:45h.

I+D Director at "Fabrika, Centro de Alto Rendimiento para la Transición Cultural".

🗨 Talk: "El método Fabrika para la transición cultural. Pasos hacia una mayor conciencia de empresas y organizaciones"
Business Dome. July 15, 11h.

Sustainability and Inner Development Leadership Coach.

💙 Workshop: "Living the Inner Development Goals: an embodied practice for a sustainable future"
Business Dome. July 16, 10:30h

Founder and CEO of Life by Design.

💙 Workshop: "Energy management for effective leadership and wellbeing"
Business Dome. July 15, 17:15h.

Architect, Geomancer, Earth Consciousness Researcher.

💙 Workshop: "The power of places"
Business Dome. July 16, 18:30h.

Founder & Chief Experience Officer at Innosensi.

💙 Workshop: "Innovation Inside-Out"
Abundance Dome. July 16, 13:15h.

Co-founder at UDON Asian Food.

🗨 Talk: "De los noodles de segunda mano a la apertura del tercer ojo" with Agus Gomez.
Business Dome. July 15, 12:30h.