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The Festival of Consciousness
July 15th-16th 2023, Barcelona

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Salim Ismail

Founder of OpenExO, author of Organizaciones exponenciales and X Prize board member.

Lakshmi Pratury

Founder and CEO of INK, entrepreneur, healer y speaker.


David del Rosario

Neuroscience researcher and  author of the best seller El libro que tu cerebro no quiere leer.

Borja Vilaseca

Consciousness shaker, founder of Kuestiona and author of “Las casualidades no existen”.

Sonsoles Conde

Pharmacist, author of the book “Vitaminas para el Alma” and  heart communicator.

Andrés Martín

PhD Psychology. Author of the Best Seller “Plena mente”.

Paz Calap

Mental health, mindfulness and fulfillment coach.

Sergi Torres

Speaker, writer and new consciousness promoter.


Tantra teacher.

Elisenda Pascual

Psychologist, writer and speaker.

Elma Roura

Tantra teacher.

Óscar García

Gamification Researcher.

Dafne Schilling

Intentional movement method creator.

Pablo Flores

Therapeutic, psychologic and  evolutionary astrologer.

Natalya Berdikyanr

Coach & Founder of Life By Design Academy.


Consciousness, business, education, diversity, sustainability, humanism and more...

Coming soon, more information about the 100 programmed experiences and international opinion leaders of this 2nd edition.

We are The Festival of Consciousness Association

Non-profit association made up of entities and people who promote the transformation of consciousness in the world through genuine collaboration.

Make it possible!

2,500 people attending and 200 volunteers made the festival possible in 2022. Today you can join to live the experience that we are organizing for 2023.

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El podcast para despertar consciencias


Inconscients anònimes

El podcast en catalán que nos hará conscientes de nuestra propia inconsciencia.


A la Deriva

El podcast en castellano que no sabe hacia dónde nos lleva, sin guión y sin pensamientos preestablecidos.


How collaborate?

The Festival of Consciousness is a unique event. It will be made possible by donations of time and resources from participating individuals and organizations.


If you have any doubts, here you can find some of the most frequently asked questions about the festival.


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