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The Festival of Consciousness
July 15th-16th 2023, Barcelona 

100 programmed experiences

and international opinion leaders

Dafne Schilling

Intentional movement method creator.

Salim Ismail

Founder of OpenExO, author of Organizaciones exponenciales and X Prize board member.

Lakshmi Pratury

Founder and CEO of INK, entrepreneur, healer y speaker.


Leo Rastogi

Founder of Consciousness Mentoring Institute.

Cleo Barnett

Director of Amplifier Studios.

Pablo Flores

Therapeutic, psychologic and  evolutionary astrologer.

Louise Kay

Lecturer and teacher of spirituality.

Sergi Torres

Speaker, writer and new consciousness promoter.

Elma Roura

Tantra teacher.

Uri Imperial

Instructor of the Wim Hof Method, combining cold exposure with breathing and meditation techniques.

Festival themes

Science and Technology

They are the spearhead of human progress. However, our future, and also the planet’s future, do not depend on technology or science, but on the level of consciousness that we put behind it.


Our socioeconomic system has developed at exponential speed under the paradigm of profit and competitiveness. In the shadow of the old capitalist model, a new one is emerging, based on higher purpose and collaboration, that threatens to send all economics textbooks to the recycling bin.


The prevalent educational model in modern society was designed to teach us to fit into the system. But what happens when the pillars of the system start to shake? The right to be genuinely happy is destined to become the new educational paradigm that sends the obligation to fit into the system into the dustbin of history.


The inner dimension of the human being can be explored through multiple tools, ranging from energy activation sessions to meditation, dance, yoga, painting and breathing workshops, and even scientific talks. Closing the gap between science and spirituality is one of our purposes


In its many forms, art is possibly one of the most genuine manifestations of human consciousness. We see art as one of the most powerful tools to generate and awaken consciousness.


It is what emerges when consciousness is translated into action. The defence of human rights, the fight against climate change or the Sustainable Development Goals are some of the fronts where the collective consciousness of millions of human beings is quickly aligning itself to make old patterns of behavior obsolete.

City of Consciousness

20 different areas in 10,000m².

Do you want to live a transformative experience?

Celebrate the Consciousness Week

The city of Barcelona will host activities during the week leading up to The Festival of Consciousness, inviting us to take a pause, breathe, and connect with silence.

Week of Silence

at Casa Batlló

Cinema and consciousness

by Filmin

Gong Bath

by Axel Hotels

Transmission of Awakening (Shaktipat)

with Hide Saegusa at Voxel

Make it possible!

2,500 people attending and 200 volunteers made the festival possible in 2022. Today you can join to live the experience that we are organizing for 2023.

Get your ticket

You can now buy your tickets to enjoy the Festival.

Official festival t-shirt

(Manufactured ethically and consciously with hemp fabric by Hemp&Love)

We are The Festival of Consciousness Association

Non-profit association made up of entities and people who promote the transformation of consciousness in the world through genuine collaboration.

The podcast to wake up consciousness


Inconscients anònimes

The podcast in Catalan that will make us aware of our own unconsciousness.


A la Deriva

The podcast in Spanish that doesn't know where it is taking us, without a script and without pre-established thoughts.


How collaborate?

The Festival of Consciousness is a unique event. It will be made possible by donations of time and resources from participating individuals and organizations.


If you have any doubts, here you can find some of the most frequently asked questions about the festival.


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