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Radesh Fernández


Body and movement pedagogue at Cuerpo Plural, co-founder of Vibrations.

Participa en:

*Programación sujeta a cambios.


«Vibrations – vocal and movement workshop»

Since I was a little girl, my dream has been to sing & dance on stage. My weekly activities included ballet, tap dance, piano, guitar, and singing. Little did I know that pursuing this dream would be the start of a voyage of exploring and understanding myself and my body. After my communication studies in Amsterdam, I enrolled in the Village Music Actuelles ATLA in Paris to study music as a singer and spent several years working in the music field (education, coordination, creation, performing). The act of performing and my multicultural and globetrotting upbringing, woke in me a need to root myself through movement and consciously inhabit my body. I attended several workshops, studied the TCI (Therapia Corporal Integrativa) program in Mallorca for three years, and learned the method of Mona Belizan, Cos I Moviment at Cuerpo Plural, of which I am now part of the pedagogical team. I take an enormous pleasure in sharing what I learned over the years, convinced that a greater awareness of our body and movement is the essence of a deeper understanding of oneself and the world around us.