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Our purpose is...

That progress shared by biodiversity as a whole, and not restricted to a small part of humanity.
Art, spirituality, technology, education and business are some of the new dimensions of the evolutionary process that emerged with the rise of mankind.
Learning to evolve them, flowing hand in hand with nature rather that attacking it, will be fundamental to achieve this goal.
The festival, a space designed to encourage critical thinking and explore the different dimensions of humanity through the lens of consciousness, is our small contribution to the conscious evolution for our species.

We are Associació ConsFest

A nonprofit association made by a wide variety of people and organizations who wish to drive a vision of a more conscious world.
We work as an international sociocratic organization in which all the people involved collaborate on a completely volunteer and altruistic basis, contributing with time and/or resources to achieve our common higher purpose.

We organize The Festival Of Consciousness

We co-create a highly experiential space designed to connect and propel inspiring and disruptive ideas and people, in order to generate new paradigms of prosperity, sustainability and development.
The first edition. celebrated on July 2022, gathered over 200 volunteers (including more that 90 speakers, instructors y facilitators), and over 2,500 attendees in the Barcelona Internacional Convention Center (CCIB). (More information)
We are currently organizing the second edition, which will take place on July 15-16 2023, Barcelona And you can help us make it possible!

Our values. Our culture.

Strictly collaborative

We are much more than a non-profit event. We are an experiment in collaborative economy made possible thanks to the altruistic contribution of more than 200 volunteers, including organizers, speakers, instructors and facilitators. None of them receive any monetary compensation for their contributions. Demonetizing the intrinsic collaborative spirit of humanity is a fundamental aspect of our purpose.

Radically inclusive

We strive to make our events accessible to all. Through our collaborative approach, we are able to offer tickets at a fraction of the cost they would be if we were a for-profit event. Additionally, we provide a limited number of free tickets to NGOs and individuals who may not be able to afford them, ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to participate regardless of their economic situation.

Unconditionally diverse

We wholeheartedly embrace diversity without discrimination. Our vitality thrives on this core value, which welcomes people of all ages, professions, sexual orientations, cultures, nationalities, and income levels. We have no prerequisites for participation.


The combination of diversity and open-mindedness is key to creating a space where artistic performances, family activities, business workshops, spiritual sessions and scientific discussions can coexist, hence paving the way for cross-pollination of ideas.

Community of communities

The festival is not owned by anyone. We are a distributed organization, managed by multiple people, organizations and movements around the world connected by the same higher purpose. We are an ideal meeting point for generating synapses and collaborative ties between communities, thus accelerating the network effect of the emerging ecosystem and making it visible to the world.

Volunteer team


Open Prisma    INK Talks    HP    CCIB    Voxel    Save The Marketing    

Black Bird Studios    Openexo    Printing Emotions    Greenin    ticketerum    

dwf RCD    Lean Mind Teatro de los Sentidos

y más.


Dafne Schilling    Pablo Flores    Natalya Berdikyanr

Elisenda Pascual    Elma Roura    Óscar García

Borja Vilaseca   Sonsoles Conde   Andrés Martín

Paz Calap   Sergi Torres   Astiko

y más.


Mireia Martínez Catalán    María José Capilla    Xavi Ginesta    Marta Miñarro  

Berta Hernández    Nicole Vroom    Aida Pons    Laura Tuero  

 Gian Verolino    Diana Perea    Serena Panigutto

Adrian Perreau    Jose Luis Orihuela   Ulises   Gabriel Hernández

Laia Vives    Marian Moure    Andrea López    Noelia Balboa    

Noemí    Alex Pazos    Laura Ginés    Ainhoa Borobia    

Fernanda Ramos    Marina Camins    Marta García    Claudia Astudillo    Laura Valls    

María Barrero Flórez    Giovanni M    Marta Plaza

y más.