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Our purpose is...

Life is constantly evolving and human beings are part of it. Within this constant evolution we are always called to transformation. This transformation occurs by transcending current levels of consciousness. To achieve this, knowledge, discernment and self-exploration have become fundamental tools. These are creative ways to use awareness. We are conscious beings.
The Festival Of Consciousness (FoC) has as its fundamental purpose: to participate in the natural process of human evolution, promoting its transformation, promoting knowledge, discernment and self-exploration.

All activities carried out within the FoC, whether in the field of art, education, science, spirituality, technology, or business, are a way of manifesting our fundamental purpose.
From this service to life, a form of organization, production and celebration based on genuine collaboration is born in the FoC, to which a large number of volunteers are added, including national and international speakers, leaders, facilitators and facilitators. working together to make this unique experience a reality.

We are Associació ConsFest

A nonprofit association made by a wide variety of people and organizations who wish to drive a vision of a more conscious world.
We work as an international sociocratic organization in which all the people involved collaborate on a completely volunteer and altruistic basis, contributing with time and/or resources to achieve our common higher purpose.

We organize The Festival Of Consciousness

We co-create a highly experiential space designed to consciously connect and catapult inspiring and disruptive ideas and people. This  allows us to question our  understanding of life as we have known it, and generate new paradigms of prosperity, sustainability, and development.

The second edition held in July 2023, organized by over 350 volunteers (including 118 speakers) and featuring more than 20 different spaces in 10,000 m², brought together over 4,000 attendees at the CCIB in Barcelona. (More information)
We are currently organizing the third edition, which will take place on July 13-14 2024, in Barcelona. And you can help us make it possible!

Our values. Our culture.


The FoC is BORN from trust. We trust in life in all its dimensions, with humans being one of them. We trust the Human Being as a key value in transforming their own current human reality. We know their talent, their creativity and their untapped potential.


THE FoC IS BASED on honesty. We are currently living in a human reality distorted on many levels. Transforming any distorted reality requires courage to find and confront its cause. We, as human beings, are that cause. This acknowledgement allows us to become the solution.


The FoC ACTS in service. The festival is the outcome of a decision to act in the face of a reality that requires attention, understanding and redirection towards new possibilities aligned with life’s fundamental principles. Without the help of all the people who are involved in the FoC (organizers, participants and volunteers) this would not be possible.


It is INEVITABLE for us to be part of a human movement that is being carried out by many different people and entities around the planet. The FoC joins this global movement in 2022, as we are in the initial chapters of our commitment to this transformative cause. For this reason, we also feel deeply grateful to all those committed to life for a long time. ‘Compromissus’ means inevitably together.

Volunteer team


Open Prisma    INK Talks    HP    CCIB    Voxel    Save The Marketing    

Black Bird Studios    Openexo    Printing Emotions    Greenin    ticketerum    

dwf RCD    Lean Mind Teatro de los Sentidos

y más.


Dafne Schilling    Pablo Flores    Natalya Berdikyanr

Elisenda Pascual    Elma Roura    Óscar García

Borja Vilaseca   Sonsoles Conde   Andrés Martín

Paz Calap   Sergi Torres   Astiko

y más.


Mireia Martínez Catalán    María José Capilla    Xavi Ginesta    Marta Miñarro  

Berta Hernández    Nicole Vroom    Aida Pons    Laura Tuero  

 Gian Verolino    Diana Perea    Serena Panigutto

Adrian Perreau    Jose Luis Orihuela   Ulises   Gabriel Hernández

Laia Vives    Marian Moure    Andrea López    Noelia Balboa    

Noemí    Alex Pazos    Laura Ginés    Ainhoa Borobia    

Fernanda Ramos    Marina Camins    Marta García    Claudia Astudillo    Laura Valls    

María Barrero Flórez    Giovanni M    Marta Plaza

y más.