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Nuno Martins, PHD

Visiting Scholar, PMH, CSTMS, University of California, Berkeley.

? Talk: “Understanding consciousness: medical, ethical, legal and social implications”

Auditorium. July 16th, 13:30h

Richa Joy

Founder & Medical Director Minerva Clinic

?Talk: “The Whole-Person Approach to Health Care: Synthesizing Energy Medicine, Epigenetics, and Detoxification”

Auditorium. July 16, 14h.

?Talk: “Unveiling the Mysteries – Bridging Science and Spirituality”

Agora Dome. July 16, 18:45h.

Pablo Flores

Therapeutic, Psychological and Evolutionary Astrologer

?Talk: “Adiós a la moda de la espiritualidad. Hola Astrología evolutiva”

Auditorium. July 15, 15h.

?Talk: “Sol, Luna y ascendente.”

Awaken Area. July 15, 13:15h.

Oscar García Pañella

Dr. Oscar García Pañella, Gamification Researcher.

? Talk: “Motivational design for conscious players”

Auditorium. July 15, 13:30h.

? Workshop: “A qué juegan nuestros hijos”

Fun Lab. July 16, 10:45h.

Daniel Lumera

Natural biologist and researcher in sociology of cultural and communicative processes.

?Talk: “Closing”

Auditorium. July 16, 19.30h

? Workshop: “Activaciones bioenergéticas: un viaje a estados superiores de conciencia a través de la respiración”

Awaken Area. July 16, 16h.

Hide Saegusa

Board member and Research Scientist at University of Arizona,
Center for consciousness studies.

? Workshop: “Transmission of Awakening,Latest Scientific studies on awakening and spirituality”

OMG Dome. July 16, 11.30h

? Talk: “Science of Consciousness, Neuroscience of Awakening and
Spirituality. Map of Awakened consciousness.”

Audtorium. July 16, 16:15h.

Andrea Lacoste

Conscious electronic musician, Ecstatic Dance facilitator and Music Therapist

?Show: “Let’s (ecstatic) Dance!”

Auditorium. July 15, 12:30h.

Alex Rios

Founder and CEO of Happyforce. Making people happy at work since 2008.

?Talk: “What makes us happy at work? Learning from data from more than 200,000 people.”

Auditorium. 1ju15 julio, 18h.