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Suman Sasmal


Suman Sasmal is a renowned leader in the world of business and technology. His purpose is to leave no individual behind by empowering startups and scale-ups through mentorship and coaching. As a Resident Mentor for the Goldman Sachs 10K Women at India’s top-ranked Business School, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, Suman has influenced many young minds.

He is also an award-winning Head Coach, Trainer, and Speaker for design and transformation to Exponential Organizations. Suman is known for shaping the career paths of many successful professionals and was recognized as one of the top 8 mentors in Infosys by its Chairman and Chief Mentor. He also set up and ran a company in Europe for three years. Suman’s expertise in business and technology has been recognized by many top-tier Business Schools.

He has taught in classes of Columbia University Business School (NYC), Fudan University (Shanghai), Geneva Biz School, University of Nairobi, and large business corporates, sharing his knowledge with emerging and established leaders.

Suman has also co-edited a couple of books titled Why Digital Transformations Fail and Exponential Organizations 2.0, which have been invaluable resources for individuals and organizations looking to drive exponential growth and impact.

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“Finding your purpose”