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Explore the 20 spaces you will find in the 10,000 m² of the City of Consciousness.


Get inspired by the talks of great national and international figures that invite us to become aware in just 15 minutes.

The cave

Discover ceremonies of different cultures in an intimate space, away from everything. Find yourself through the unknown!

Body Lab

Experience body consciousness through various disciplines and activities.

Meditation Lab

Practice meditation, become aware of the here and now accompanied by inspiring teachers.

Book Lab

Talk and listen first-person to speakers' reflections on their literary works. If you like, you will be able to buy their books at the bookstore.

VR Lab

Try a different way to become aware of technology as an ally through activities with VR glasses.

Fun Lab

Create spaces to feel, share, activate and transform through gamification, video games and digital playful content.

Kids & Family Area

Share in family the various possibilities to live a conscious upbringing. Awaken your curiosity with your loved ones!

Awakening Area

Awaken your conscience with talks and workshops that offer us great spiritual leaders of the moment.

Agora Dome

Learn about new proposals in the fields of science and education through talks and workshops that will expand your consciousness.

OMG Dome

Open your mind to the most disruptive ideas of the festival, immerse yourself into a new dimension of transformation into consciousness.

Business Dome

Change the way you see business and the economic system through talks and workshops of innovative vision.

Abundance Dome

Embrace the abundance that technology brings us and leave behind the traditional mindset of scarcity. Prosperity is possible for all beings that inhabit the planet.

Silence Dome

Find silence in the middle of the noise. Come meditate with great referents. The programming of this space is... surprise!


Expand your consciousness through movement thanks to the workshops you will find here. Do you move?

Art Zone

Boost your consciousness through art, find your most essential expression. Do you want to discover the artistic part that you carry within?

Bath Zone

Connect with your consciousness through breathing and contact with cold. Come to dive?

Music & Food Zone

Make your senses vibrate with our proposals of flavors and sounds. Feed your body and your soul!

Info Point

Any questions? Reach out and we’ll help you.

Interview Area

Filming set of "Ser libremente" where they will interview festival speakers.