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Our Purpose

The exponential evolution of science and technology has brought us unprecedented progress. But this progress has not always been paired with an equally compelling vision of a future that benefits all of us as a global community. At times, progress and consciousness seem to be evolving in opposite directions.
Understanding our true human nature, elevating our collective consciousness and developing a shared vision about our common future as a species: These are the essential challenges that humanity faces in the XXI century. More than a new industrial revolution, what the world needs is a consciousness revolution.
The purpose of the FoC is to open minds and challenge world views that are still anchored in old ideas of religion, competition, materialism and scarcity in order to clear the way toward a world of fluid diversity, collaboration, sharing and abundance.
Hop on the consciousness wave and enjoy the ride!

Tenets. The festival is...

A festival of
the Present

That magic place where
life happens.


Created “to benefit” the world through voluntary collaboration.

diverse & inclusive

A melting pot of ethnicities, genders, ages, cultures, beliefs and economic levels. No one will feel out of place.

Humble but

We dare to challenge our belief system, fully aware that our ignorance is the distance that stands between our beliefs and truth.

Open minded.

Open to exploring reality free of judgments and prejudice. We consider ourselves “unconscious anonymous”.