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How to connect with the present moment?

Listen, feel and create, here and now, with the guru Sergi Torres.

«No matter how much I imagine a wonderful life, that imagination will never be as vivid as it is right now.»
– Sergi Torres

Mindfulness of the present moment

The present is the only moment of our life. Therefore, the way to reach our present moment is the present moment itself. One of the challenges facing humanity at this time is to realize that one cannot improve but one can awaken.

«The vast majority of us believe that we are here to improve the world or change it. However, I discovered that I was not born to change anything but to learn to love everything.» – Sergi Torres

Self-inquiry with Sergi Torres

To be free, to build a bridge to reality, to launch ourselves into the emptiness of our being and our heart, to cross to the other side of fear, to connect with our true nature as human beings and to learn, grow and create as children.

«Every drop of light that penetrates my ignorance, far from bringing me closer to certainty, brings me closer to humility.» – Sergi Torres

These are some of the proposals that Sergi Torres,  with more than 10 years sharing his own experience of self-inquiry, 6 books published and hundreds of conferences given in Spain and Latin America, brings to The Festival of Consciousness, on July 29th and 30th, 2022 in Barcelona.

«Your strength is not in your personality but in your willingness to go beyond it.» – Sergi Torres

Sergi Torres at The Festival of Consciousness

With intelligence and large doses of empathy, this lecturer, writer and promoter of a new consciousness, will be in charge of the opening of the festival.

«What unites us is not to feel the same, but to take responsibility for what each one of us feels.» – Sergi Torres

In a session of an hour and a half, he will offer participants his most intimate and sincere reflections on aspects of everyday life from a vision of mindfulness to the present moment. With a very special style in which spirituality and humor go hand in hand, transferring apparently ethereal concepts to common mortals in a simpler way.

«The suffering lived in the past never refers to this instant.» – Sergi Torres

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