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activities with prebooking

Some of the more than 100 alternatives to enjoy The Festival Of Consciousness 2023 will be held with limited capacity. We want to make sure that each experience is lived with the quality,
safety and attention needed.

Venus and Mars in body and soul

by Astrology for mortals

Ritual of the womb

by China Folino

Meditation and art

by David Victori

Recordis. Come back into my heart

by Eva Ramírez and Lu Carrasco

Ceremony of the elements: Earth, water, air and fire

by Katarina Baliova

AVALON. Tobacco and Cocoa Ceremony

by Manari Ushigua and Marta Salcedo

Vibrations – vocal and movement workshop

by Madelon Vroom and Radesh Fernández

Emotional Minimalism: From Doing to Being with the BeOm Method

by Marina Mayar

creativity and consciousness

by May Carro

Kundalini Innerdance Activation

by Susana Dakini "Escuela Metta"

Kundalini Mettabreath Activation

by Susana Dakini "Escuela Metta"

Wim Hof method workshop

by Uri Ice Bath Barcelona

Voices for the Transformation of the Earth - Sing Your Inner Divinity

by Violetta Curry and Dani Jané

Dhikr, the singing of spiritual elevation

by Wadud Sabaté

AVALON. Blessing of the Flowers and Cacao Ceremony

by Paula López & Avalon

Without the why, just for blooming

by Daniel Berdala

Activations with Sacred Geometry and Sound Healing Frequencies. An audiovisual journey to the depths of your Being

by Míriam Janosh Art

*Prebookings available only with the purchase of your ticket.