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Paz Calap


Author of 3 books of self-knowledge and personal development and university expert in mindfulness, master in NLP and hypnotherapist.Creator of one of the first online schools of personal development in Spain in 2016 that has thousands of Spanish-speaking students from all over the world.Creator of the podcast “Medita con Paz”, leader of audience in its category in Spain and several Latin American countries.She has been guiding retreats and face-to-face programs for more than 10 years and is a lecturer and university professor.Mother of 2 children and passionate about sports.

Participates in:

*Programming subject to change.


«The power of compassion.»

The power of compassion lies in its ability to foster human connection, allowing us to better understand the experiences and emotions of others. This leads to a greater sense of purpose in our lives.Compassion also has mental and physical health benefits. Research has shown that people who are more compassionate have less stress, anxiety and depression, and may have a stronger immune system. We will do a meditative practice of self-compassion.


“Prácticas compasivas para vivir en paz contigo y con los demás.”

La compasión es una habilidad emocional esencial para desarrollar relaciones saludables y vivir en paz . En este taller Paz nos guiará en el conocimiento de prácticas compasivas.


“Un camino de milagros”