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Madelon Vroom


After my communication studies in Amsterdam I followed my passion for music and went to Paris to study music and voice. I performed in different Jazz and Pop formations, worked with several DJ’s and sang in commercials. In 2015 I started my own vocal studio in Haarlem, The Netherlands, offering both a technical and holistic approach. To deepen my knowledge and expertise as a singer and teacher I studied at The Scuola Populare di Testaccio in Rome, The Village Musiques Actuelles ATLA in Paris and the Universal Voice Institute in Amsterdam. My goal is to help others to use their voice in a healthy, free, and enjoyable way. I believe that it is important to create an open and safe environment where my students can explore and develop their vocal skills. With patience, dedication, and loving guidance, I am confident that anyone can find their voice.

Participates in:

*Programming subject to change.


“Vibrations – vocal and movement workshop”

In our Vibrations workshop we take you on a vocal voyage where you will explore the variety of “colors” your voice can produce and discover how your voice and its strength are rooted in your body. Through the combination of physical movements and vocal exercises, you will experience the flow between body & voice, Re-establishing this way, a more healthy, innate and aware use of both.