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Leo Rastogi


Leo Rastogi is a mix of author, serial entrepreneur, philosopher, mindfulness mentor and spiritual scientist. A Harvard Business School alumnus with a PhD in Leadership, Leo also studied the psychological and neurobiological basis of mindfulness and meditation at Oxford University and Kings College. He also lived briefly as a Buddhist monk, capping his multiple monastic sabbatical years. Leo had profound spiritual experiences early in his life. A near-death experience in his childhood, coupled with initiation into the practice of meditation at age 12, led him on a journey of self[1]discovery, spiritual awakening and a search for his own answers to life’s fundamental questions. On this path, he explored ancient spiritual traditions, researched world cultures and philosophy, examined world religions, studied esoteric sciences, quantum physics and abstract mathematics. Over the course of two decades, Leo traveled to more than 70 countries, immersed himself in monastic experiences, led retreats at the birthplaces of great civilizations and studied with enlightened masters, one of the experiences he cherishes most in his life. Much of these he has synthesized in his two critically acclaimed books: Many Paths, Many Truths: A Journey Through the World’s Religions That Have Shaped 20th Century Humanity and Ayam: Discover Your Beautiful Self.

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“Unveiling the Mysteries – Bridging Science and Spirituality” 

In our quest to understand the mysteries of existence, we often turn to two distinct but powerful ways of knowing: science and spirituality.

While some may see these as incompatible or even opposed, there is growing recognition that they can be complementary, offering different but equally valuable insights into the nature of reality, consciousness, and the human experience. In this talk, we explore the synthesis of science and spirituality, and how they can be bridged to unveil the mysteries of existence. Drawing on cutting-edge scientific discoveries and ancient spiritual wisdom, we reveal their shared insights into the nature of reality, consciousness, and the human experience. We discuss how the latest findings in fields such as quantum physics, neuroscience, and cosmology can inform and enrich our spiritual practices, and vice versa.

Whether you’re a scientist, a spiritual seeker, or simply curious about the big questions of life, this talk offers new perspectives on the mysteries of existence, and how science and spirituality can complement each other in illuminating the depths of our reality. Join us for an enlightening exploration of the intersection of science and spirituality, and discover how they can be bridged to unveil the mysteries of existence.


Building an Abundant Organization” 

Join in this conversation between three absolutely inspirational leaders. Lakhsmi Pratury, Leo Ratogi and Salim Ismail share this wonderful conversation full of reflection, humor and inspiration.


Unveiling the Mysteries – Bridging Science and Spirituality”