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Lakshmi Pratury


Lakshmi Pratury is a keynote speaker, story curator, business leader, entrepreneur, and former venture capitalist. Her riveting personality and penchant for technological innovation and community building have led her to her current avatar as founder and CEO of INK. Prior to INK, Lakshmi spent over two decades in the US in leading roles in technology (Intel), venture capital (Global Catalyst Partners), and shaping initiatives for non-profit organisations (American India Foundation). She attended IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Mumbai and was a gold medalist in undergraduate mathematics. Lakshmi has also served as director and co-host of the Singularity University India Summit in association with INK. In 2009, she co-hosted TEDIndia in Mysore and was listed in Forbes ‘Women to Watch in Asia.’She is known for her tremendous stage presence and has spoken at various conferences such as TED, DLD, WIRED, World Economic Forum, SXSW, C2MTL, and many other global event.

Participates in:

*Programming subject to change.


“Storytelling for the future”

Stories are what makes us human. Stories are what makes us come alive. In this workshop with Lakshmi Pratury, unleash your creative spirit, and together we shall give voice to the stories that whisper in the winds of tomorrow. Join us in this captivating workshop, where storytelling becomes a portal to the future, and every word holds the promise of infinite delight.


“Building an Abundant Organization”

Join in this conversation between three absolutely inspirational leaders. Lakhsmi Pratury, Leo Ratogi and Salim Ismail share this wonderful conversation full of reflection, humor and inspiration.


“The Eternal Metamorphosis: Reincarnation of the Self”

We live many lifetimes in one lifetime. Who we were a few years ago is very different from who we are right now. As we are constantly evolving, we are shedding our identities. Like the phoenix reborn from ash, we shall unravel the mysteries of shedding old identities, embracing the symphony of perpetual transformation. In this talk, we explore stepping into the boundless realm of our own authenticity. Each encounter with the unknown shall gift us with newfound courage, as we unfurl our wings and soar towards uncharted horizons.