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Hide Saegusa


Hide is currently a professor at the Indian Institute of Technology, Co-Director of the Science of Consciousness Laboratory at the California Institute of Human Sciences, and Board member and Research Scientist at the University of Arizona’ Center for Consciousness Studies.He spent 15 years in India, training all kinds of spiritual practice, and studied Indian philosophy, reaching deep awakening after the tenth year. As a Professor, Director and board member of 3 Universities, Hide has come to the forefront of consciousness science,
neuroscience and psychological studies of awakening and spirituality. A well-known spiritual teacher in Japan, Hide is also the Director of Japan’s biggest school on Politics: Japan school of policy making. As an entrepreneur, Hide founded and currently runs Nirvana Stone Corporation, a successful Wholesale Company of Gemstones and Crystals.

Participates in:

*Programming subject to change.


“Transmission of Awakening,Latest Scientific studies on awakening and spirituality”

In this workshop, Hide will put into practice with the audience the scientifically proven techniques he has developed to reach altered states of consciousness through meditation.


«Science of Consciousness, Neuroscience of Awakening and
Spirituality. Map of Awakened consciousness

In this talk, Hide will present the results of his research, leading to a scientifically proven
simple way to transcend mental issues and reach true and long lasting happiness.