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Frequently Asked Questions

Do not be left with any doubts about the purchase of tickets or the Festival.

At the Barcelona International Convention Center (CCIB) on July 29 and 30, 2022. The CCIB is located in Plaça de Willy Brandt in Barcelona. On the CCIB’s own website you can check the recommended means of transport to get there.

The fact that the organizers are from this city is obviously a key aspect, but beyond this, Barcelona is the ideal place to carry out an event of these characteristics. Located by the sea, Barcelona is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city that stands out for being one of the poles of innovation and creativity in southern Europe and one of the world’s main tourist destinations, which makes the Festival an incentive for lovers of cultural tourism and the increasingly fashionable responsible tourism. Barcelona has the facility to raise different, disparate projects driven by civil society. We believe that Barcelona needs to redefine itself and find a new framework, a new model. The Festival can be a small contribution to this new definition.

It will be eminently an in person event, but we are studying options to carry it out in parallel via streaming, at least the presentations on the auditorium.

The Festival will be trilingual, in Catalan, Spanish and English. In the auditorium there will be simultaneous translation, but not in the city of consciousness, where the activities will take place in the language of the person in charge of each activity.

Yes, but only in the auditorium.

The Festival does not target any particular profile. We like to say that it is a festival of tunic and suit because it is able to connect with the two most extreme poles of the potential audience, from the world of business to the world of spirituality. We understand that the expansion of humanity’s consciousness must be a transversal phenomenon and in no case restricted to specific groups.

Yes, we want families to come and, to that end, the Festival will have a special space for children with activities tailored to their needs. The goal is for this to be an event where people can come to spend the day as a family and have fun expanding their consciousness rather than consuming unconsciously. We believe that exposing children from a young age to new, more “conscious” forms of entertainment is also a way of educating them.

Those under 16 years of age will have free access to the event, but in any case they must purchase the corresponding free ticket.

It is possible to purchase the tickets for both days, and there is also the option to buy tickets for only one of them.

According to our policies, as well as the conditions of sale, it is not possible to refund or request ticket exchanges.

In the unlikely event that the Festival has to be cancelled for reasons beyond the organization’s control, attendees may choose between the refund of their ticket or keep it and attend on the new date of celebration. 

Given that the event will be held at the end of July 2022, our expectation is that the incidence of the pandemic by then will be lower. In any case, the organization will comply with all guidelines and security measures to ensure that the event is completely safe. 

If you travel in your own vehicle, there are two BSM car parks in the vicinity of the event: Plaça Fòrum Parking and Garcia Fària-Diagonal Mar Parking. There are also green zone parking spaces in the area, so we recommend using the above options.

The price of the tickets helps us cover the costs of organizing the festival (rental of spaces, permits, electricity, security and cleaning services…); we do not obtain economic benefits for it. As it is a non-profit festival, the speakers and entities that collaborate with the event do so selflessly. It is thanks to your generosity that we are able to offer tickets at a more competitive price than you would for an event of this type.

An economic transparency report will be published on our website on September.

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