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Clear accounts 2022 - 2023

Collaboration has been again the main axis in the creation of The Festival of Consciousness 2023. Thanks to the altruism of volunteers, our partners and speakers. They have put their talents, time and resources at our service to co-create a space where we can question and transform ourselves.  
Here we show you how, in the second edition, this genuine collaboration was translated into numbers that allowed a non-profit festival, where all the people do their work in an altruistic and non-remunerated way.


Last year we were more than 350 volunteers, of which 118 were speakers.


Between ticket sales, subsidies and other items, the Festival earned a total income of 226.812€.

Clear accounts: revenues


In order to make the festival a success we invested a total of 226.328€ in:

Clear accounts: expenses


All this has been possible because other items have not entailed any cost because they were covered by voluntary contributions:

Thanks to all the people who made it possible!