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David Victori


David Victori is a film and television director, producer and screenwriter. In 2012, he won the International YouTube Festival among 15,000 candidates, which allowed him to make the first original YouTube series, “Zero” (2015), produced by Ridley Scott and Michael Fassbender. With his second film, “No matarás”, he obtained several nominations at the Goya Awards, including a win for actor Mario Casas. In addition, Victori directed and executive produced the hit Netflix series “Sky Rojo”. In 2023, he premieres his first series as a creator, “Tú también lo harías,” produced by Legendary Pictures and Espotlight for Disney+. In his latest projects, Victori is exploring how meditation can positively impact the creative process of a film crew, challenging traditional paradigms and discovering new approaches that allow for greater creative flow for the team he works with on his films and series. She is also investigating in her Meditation and Acting Workshops how actors can reach states of consciousness that allow them to have a much deeper and more meaningful experience when acting.

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“Meditación y arte”

Actuar, en realidad, es ya una increíble manera de meditar y, en este Taller, vamos a explorar cómo mezclar estas dos fascinantes disciplinas de una forma divertida emocionante y hermosa.


“La meditación aplicada a procesos creativos”