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Will you help us?

The Festival of Consciousness is an event to the service of a new economic reality based not on financial incentive and competitiveness, but on genuine collaboration and shared purpose. 

Approximately 90% of FoC’s costs are covered by the altruistic contributions of over 300 volunteers, speakers, artists, and various organizations who, with their support, drive this new reality. The remaining 10% of costs are covered through donations and the sale of tickets to the general public and businesses.

Profits, if any, are entirely reinvested in FoC (See: Transparent Finances)

Make it possible

All collaboration options are open to both companies/organizations and individuals

Propose a talk or activity

The submission process is currently closed, but we have an open call every year. Follow us, so you don’t miss the next opening.

Contributions in Materials, Infrastructure, and Services

Purchase a ticket package

Sponsor a speaker or activity

Join our volunteer team

Make a donation

Contributions in Materials, Infrastructure, and Services

In line with our radically collaborative nature, and in favor of inclusivity and diversity in the festival’s audience, our goal is for FoC to increasingly depend on collaboration and less on money with each edition.

For this reason, we are constantly seeking individuals and organizations that resonate with the festival’s purpose, and who wish to contribute to its production.

Open collaboration areas:

  • Furniture (cushions, tables, chairs, etc.)
  • Yoga and meditation supplies
  • Stages and platforms
  • Scaffolding
  • Curtains and other dividers
  • Audio equipment
  • Video equipment
  • Transportation (ground and air)
  • Accommodations for Speakers
  • Wi-Fi
  • Simultaneous translation
  • Generators
  • Plants/Gardening
  • Insurance
  • Food and beverages
  • Volunteer T-shirts

If you believe you can and want to contribute value in any of these areas, contact us!

    Purchase a Ticket Package

    FoC is a meeting point and connection hub for individuals and organizations sharing a purpose. Many companies attend with their teams to foster connections among team members and create bonds with other like-minded organizations.

    If you’d like to attend FoC as a company or group (minimum 10 people), fill out the following form, and we’ll inform you about available discounted ticket packages.

    Sponsor a Speaker

    All speakers, artists, and facilitators participating in FoC do so entirely voluntarily and free of charge. However, some international speakers may need financial support to cover their travel expenses (transportation + accommodation).

    The sponsorship option is designed for companies or individuals wishing to collaborate with FoC by covering the travel expenses of a speaker and benefiting from the opportunity for that speaker to give a talk or activity in their company during the week before the festival.



      Although 90% of FoC’s costs are covered by the selfless contributions of over 300 volunteers, speakers, artists, facilitators, and various organizations, there is still a 10% of costs that cannot be entirely covered collaboratively.

      These costs are covered through ticket sales and anonymous donations from individuals and entities wanting to contribute their grain of sand to the production of the festival. If you’d like to be one of these anonymous donors, you can do so by bank transfer to the following account number, indicating “FoC Donation” in the concept:

      As an alternative, you can also contact us by writing to, and our team will assist you with any questions you may have.

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