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Do you want to be part of the volunteer team?

Make the festival possible!

We are the diverse and inclusive team made up of more than 200 people who, in a self-organized, voluntary and altruistic way, make the festival possible.

Production, design, marketing, direction, content curation, programming, web, translation, speakers…

We are all professional volunteers!

Drop by drop we formed a great tide capable of creating a unique experience that more than 2,500 people could enjoy.

Will you join us in making the new edition possible?


Somos el equipo diverso e inclusivo conformado por más de 200 personas que, de forma autoorganizada, voluntaria y altruista, hacemos posible el festival.

Producción, diseño, marketing, dirección, curación de contenidos, programación, web, traducción, speakers…

¡Todas y todos somos profesionales voluntarios!

Gota a gota conformamos una gran marea capaz de crear una experiencia única que más de 2.500 personas pudieron disfrutar.

¿Te sumas a hacer posible la nueva edición?


Currently, we
would appreciate
help in...

We have a great communication team, but there is always new information to convey to the attendees.

Therefore, we appreciate the incorporation of a person with knowledge in copywriting for web content.

If you want to join us... Reach out!