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Celebrate the Consciousness Week

The city of Barcelona will host activities during the week leading up to The Festival of Consciousness, inviting us to take a pause, breathe, and connect with silence.


Silence unites us, let's listen to it.

Week of Silence at Casa Batlló

Silence is our original language. Gaudí had to reach this silence where nature is heard. Casa Batlló is an example of great beauty: architecture made into nature.

Silence, woven by the choir, unites us all. Everyone understands silence because it is a universal language.

Casa Batlló opens its doors, like a musical instrument of silence, in the heart of the city of Barcelona. Within the framework of The Festival of Consciousness, several experts in this silence will accompany us every morning between 10th to 14th July, from 7:30 to 8:30.

Select your meditation session at Casa Batlló

Sergi Torres

July 10th


July 11th

Antonio J. Larruy

July 12th


July 13th

Daniel Lumera

July 14th

Other pre-festival activities

Cinema and consciousness

by Filmin


Immerse yourself in a carefully curated catalog of films and series that aim to connect with science, art, activism, education, spirituality, and business.

From July 3rd.

Gong Bath

by Axel Hotels


Juan Juliá, founder of Axel Hotels, invites us to participate in his personal journey of introspection by sharing this meditative and deeply listening experience through the sacred sound of the gong.

July 11th, 5pm – 6:30pm.
Axel Hotel, Barcelona.

Transmission of Awakening (Shaktipat)

and latest scientific studies on awakening and spirituality

with Hide Saegusa at Voxel


In this workshop, Hide Saegusa will transmit his awakening technique in 4 different ways throughout his 1-hour workshop. Hide’s technique is known as “Shaktipat” or “Deeksha” in India and has been practiced for at least 1200 years in India as well as in Japan.

July 12th, 6pm
Voxel (Av. Diagonal, 67, Barcelona).

Thank you for making it possible!