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Salim Ismail

Chairman, OpenExO, Author – Exponential Organizations, Board Member – X Prize.

🗨 Talk: “Elevating Consciousness in the Decade of the ExO.”

Auditorium. July 16, 16h.

🗨 Talk: “Building an Abundant Organization”

Abundance Dome. July 16, 12h.

📖 Book presentation: “Exponential Organizations: Why new organizations are ten times better, faster, and cheaper than yours”

Book Lab. July 16, 17h.

Leo Rastogi

Founder of the Consciousness Mentoring Institute and co-founder of Ayam. Author, spiritual scientist and impact entrepreneur.

🗨 Talk: “Unveiling the Mysteries – Bridging Science and Spirituality”

Auditorium. July 16, 16h.

🗨 Talk: “Building an Abundant Organization”

Abundance Dome. July 16, 12h.

🗨 Talk: “To Believe or To Discover: An immersion in synthesis of Science and Spirituality”

Agora Dome. July 16, 18:45h.

Andrés Martín

Biologist, MBA and PhD in Psychology from the UAB. Founder and director of the Esmindfulness Institute (Barcelona).

🗨 Talk: “The Snow Leopard, a contemplative look at the movies.”

Auditorium. July 16, 11h.

💙 Workshop: “MaternalMente, una iniciativa para una maternidad y crianza conscientes.”

Agora Dome. July 16, 13:30h

🗨 Talk: “La espiritualidad en organizaciones”

Business Dome. July 15, 17:30h.

Naihara Cardona

Abogada y consteladora familiar. Autora del libro: Derecho sistémico, lo que no te enseñaron en la facultad.

💙 Worksho: “Abogacía consciente: Taller práctico derecho sistémico”

Business Dome. July 16, 15:45h.

Marianela Castillo

Mentora de retiros espirituales, profesora de yoga, bailarina y empresaria wellness.

🪘 Movement session: “Danzar para conectar”

Movement zone. July 15, 17h.

Natalya Berdikyan

Founder and CEO of Life by Design.

💙 Workshop: “Energy management for effective leadership and wellbeing”

Business Dome. July 15, 17:15h.

Martin Buchner

Martin Buchner

Architect, Geomancer, Earth Consciousness Researcher.

💙 Workshop: “The power of places”

Business Dome. July 16, 18:30h.

Ferran Caudet

CEO at “Economía Humana”.

💙 Workshop: “Potencia tu intuición con la lectura kinesiológica de campo”

Business Dome. July 15, 16h.

Fabian Domenech

Yoga 500h RYT teacher.

🧘‍♀ Movement session: “Yoga class with Fabian Domenech”

Movement Zone. July 16, 12h.

Elma Roura

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Maestra en Tantra. Especialista en procesos para salir del sufrimiento

💙 Taller: “Experiencia tántrica con Elma”

Movement Zone. 16 de julio, 10h.