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Fundador de Wallapop.

? Charla: “De los noodles de segunda mano a la apertura del tercer ojo” con Jordi Vidal.

Business Dome. 15 julio, 12:30h.

Rodrigo Sala

Rodrigo Sala

Experto en Diseño Humano y Configuración de equipos.

? Taller: “El diseño humano en las organizaciones”

Business Dome. 15 julio, 19h.

Alex Rios

Founder and CEO of Happyforce. Making people happy at work since 2008.

?Talk: “What makes us happy at work? Learning from data from more than 200,000 people.”

Auditorium. 1ju15 julio, 18h.

Verónica Devenin

PhD Environmental Sciences and Technologies; Assistant Professor EADA Business School; Member of the Board B Academics.

? Talk: “Recalibrating the relationship between business and nature.”

Auditorium. 15 July, 19:45h.

Vipasha Devi Tilak

Storyteller and Curator at INK, Leadership and Community Builder.

? Taller: “Opening Meditation and Welcome.”

Abundance Dome. 15 julio, 13:00h.

? Taller: “Taking Abundance to the world.”

Abundance Dome. 16 julio, 16:45h.

Lakshmi Pratury

Founder & CEO INK, Entrepreneur, Curator and Speaker.

? Taller: “Storytelling for the future”

Abundance Dome. 15 july, 17:15h.

?Charla: “Building an Abundant Organization”

Abundance Dome. 16 july. 12h.

?Charla: “La Metamorfosis Eterna: La Reencarnación del Ser”

Auditorium. 16 july, 16:30h.

Suman Sasmal

Designing your Massive Transformative Purpose.

? Workshop: “Finding your purpose.”

Abundance Dome. July 15, 13:30h.

Javier Razo

CEO – Founder of Ayam and co-founder of Soulspring

? Talk: “The future of well-being at work”

Auditorium. July 16, 13:45h.

Kevin Allen

Chief Community Officer at OpenExO.

? Taller: “Opening Meditation and Welcome.”

Abundance Dome. 15 julio, 13h.

? Workshop: “Taking Abundance to the world.”

Abundance Dome. July 15, 16:45h.

Daniel Hires

Director of Partnerships and Communication at Inner Development Goals.

? Talk: “The Inner Development Goals: A bridge to a sustainable future.”

Auditorium. July 15, 18:30h.